Installation / updates

installation We recommend always testing updates in advance in a development environment in a subdirectory of the shop, e.g. /dev/.

The plugin is installed like all other plugins via the administration area of ​​your shop, under Extensions > Store. Then search for “Blog for Shopware 6”. Then click on the entry and then click “Add extension” in the window that opens.

You can also purchase the plugin via the Shopware store. Plugin update

  1. Unpack the zip of the plugin and then load the contents of the PixelShopBLog folder into the custom/plugins/PixelShopBLog directory and overwrite its contents (make a backup first)

  2. Log in to the backend

  3. Open the plugin manager under Extensions > My Extensions

  4. When entering the “Blog for Shopware 6” plugin, an “Update” link should be displayed next to the version number entry.

  5. Click on this link to start the plugin update. It may take some time for the plugin to update, so don't leave the page.

You can find more information about installing and updating extensions in Shopware 6 at

To the Shopware 6 documentation If you have any problems or errors, you can contact us at any time. To analyze and fix errors, send us FTP and backend access (if necessary, PHPMYADMIN access to possibly deactivate the plugin using a database command).

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